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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Haashar’s vision of the future is that of a society which conserves and develops its resources sustainably and ensures a just, fair and equitable distribution of benefits from natural resource base.


Our Mission

To catalyze and enable communities for inducing sustained socio-economic change and lasting improvements in their lives.


Objectives of Haashar Association

Haashar Association is actively pursuing accomplishment of its mission through achieving following objectives;

  • Strengthen community based organizations and institutions.
  • Catalyze / foster emergence of Community based institutions/ organizations for integrated natural resource management, good governance and poverty reduction.
  • Build active, sustainable and meaningful partnerships with individuals, community at large, government, NGOs, development agencies, donors, academia, private sector and other stakeholders.
  • Advocate and address, whenever possible, other issues affecting human life such as health care, education, socio-economic aspects, environment and women’s issues.
  • Mobilize human and financial resources for development projects.