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Our Programs

Our Core Program Areas

Last about 23 years of community work; Haashar has specialized in the following areas through implementation of about 32 projects implemented through financial and technical assistance of national and international donor community.


1. Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Livelihood Approach and Renewable Energy initiatives

Livelihoods improvement has remained major programmatic area of Haashar especially in post-earthquake scenario. Haashar implemented a number of projects in collaboration with Concern world, CHF/CIDA, Misereor Germany, Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Plan International and UNDP. Haashar focused both the gender groups in its livelihoods interventions and helped recover hundreds of families affected due to natural and manmade disasters. Implementation of Sustainable Livelihoods Approach (SLA) to alleviate poverty of ultra poor communities has imprinted long lasting effects on life of people residing Siran and Konsh valleys of District Mansehra, KPK-Pakistan.


2. Disaster Risk Management/Reduction ( Emergency, Relief and Rehabilitation)

Only few years after its emergence, Haashar had to witness the biggest ever disasters in the region, the Earthquake 2005 and Flood catastrophe of 2010-11. During this difficult time Haashar implemented activities in DRR through financial support of UN Habitat, Concern worldwide, Misereor Germany, Austrian Development Agency, CHF/CIDA, UNICEF, individual Donors. Disaster Management Committees were established at village/Union Council level, capacitated through trainings in search & rescue, first aid and communication. These committees were equipped with requisite instruments and linked to the respective District Disaster Management Authorities (DDMA).


3. Community based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)

Haashar’s coming into being is attributed to a pledge to support and strengthen the concept of Joint Forest Management (JFM) in Pakistan which was introduced through a group of pioneers who later founded the Haashar. This concept was introduced by a GTZ funded Project in District Mansehra. Last 15 years, Haashar positioned CBNRM one of its main programmatic area and implemented numerous interventions to contribute for the Climatic Change Adaptations and other Environmental concerns of the world community as well as to ensure food security of the mankind.


 4. Improving Educational Quality

Educating the children is basically a concern of the Government. However, Haashar played its role to facilitate the Education Departments in formation of PTCs/PTA’s, Mother groups, Joyful Learning in schools, trainings of teachers and supporting vulnerable girls and boys to complete their education. Haashar is committed to bring an educated society through not only providing education facilities to all the children but also to help governments improve quality of education.


5. Health & Hygiene

Haashar envisages through its Health and Hygiene Program to create conditions and develop personal motivation, knowledge and skills to choose healthy lifestyle and undertake actions for improving personal health and that of the others. This way an environment can be created which is supportive to health, work and education. Reducing inequalities in health and ensuring access to health services is what we aim in our project areas.