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Environmental Rehabilitation and Protection of Manoor Valley (ERPM)

Duration of Project: 6 months (May-Oct, 2023)

Funded by: Australian High Commission

Implemented by: Haashar Association, Pakistan

 Project Objective:

The main objective of the project is to develop the rural economy and uplift poor, vulnerable, and underdeveloped communities by integrating them into the mainstream of development. This aims to reduce their reliance on subsistence agricultural practices.

Despite the hardships faced, the commitment of the Haashar team to implementing this agricultural-based project has enabled the needy people to carry out the planned activities and achieve maximum results.

During the project execution different activities have been designed to uplift the living condition of the people of Manoor Valley. Main focus was to maximize the benefits of kitchen gardening. Additionally, Project also emphasis on the awareness raising regarding environment protection and to promote the tourism in the valley.