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Donate to the work of HAASHAR Association

Your donation will support HAASHAR Association’s vital work in making a lasting difference to children’s lives.

There are many ways you can get involved with HAASHAR:

Sponsor a child for as many years as you like. HAASHAR will send you detail information about the child, his/her community, school and contact # if requested and you would like to speak to the child and her school/community.
Contribute to the “pool funding” where we award scholarship to orphans and various deserving children who are not sponsored by an individual sponsor but we arrange their tuition and living expenses through pool funding. Pool funding is developed through general contribution to HAASHAR where funder is not willing to sponsor a particular child but like to contribute for the cause of HAASHAR.
You my donate for the program through our website www.haashar.org using paypal,your credit card send an INTERACT e-transfer using our email info@haashar.org
Bank Transfer (Meezan Bank)
Name: Haashar Association Education Program
Meezan Bank Limited, Main Branch Abbottabad
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