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Haashar at a Glance

Haashar Association traces its roots back to the forestry sector reforms initiated under the Siran Kaghan Forestry Development Project from 1992-2000. Formed in the year 2000, April 24th, Haashar’s inception was influenced by the Joint Forest Management introduced in Pakistan’s Siran and Tanawal valleys of District Mansehra.

Haashar  is a local word meaning Volunteerism, Self-Help.

Historical Phases of Haashar’s struggle:

Haashar’s work in last about 25 years of historical struggle can be divided into various phases as elaborated below;

Pre Earthquake Phase (2000-05)

Focus on Participatory Integrated Natural Resource Management:

Support & Strengthen Joint Forest Management Committees
Bio-diversity Conservation & Sustainable NRM


Plan International
Austrian Development Agency through Eco-Himal

Major Achievements:

Advocacy and support to JFMCs
Approval of Biodiversity Conservation Plan of Bandhodar, Mansehra
Testing NRM based Sustainable Livelihoods

Earthquake Response Phase October 2005 – June 2006

 Implementation of emergency relief projects that focused on saving lives by providing essential non-food items, food distributions, and re-opening schools supported with child friendly spaces. 


UN Habitat, KfW (Germany), GTZ, ADA, Provincial Government of Carinthia in Austria, UNICEF, Helfen Hende, Individual donations, MISEREO Germany.

Major Achievements;

Lifesaving through hundreds of volunteers

Provision of relief goods

Winterized shelters

Equipments for shelters, kitchen sets, NFIs etc.

Reconstruction/Rehabilitation (April 2006 – September 2013)

Worked on smooth transition towards recovery and rehabilitation/reconstruction, bridging the gap between emergency relief and large-scale reconstruction.  The program is sectored on the three pillars of Children, Livelihoods, and Humanitarian Emergency Assistance 


Plan International , Austrian Development Agency through Eco-Himal, MISEREOR Germany, Concern Worldwide, CHF/CIDA, HAASHAR Netherlands, UNICEF

Major Achievements:

Livelihoods and Infrastructure Rehabilitation

School Support and Child Protection

Reconstruction of cattle sheds and Restocking of Livestock

Post-Earthquake Phase (2013-Onwards)

With Strategic Planning (2013-18) in hand, Haashar management explored new avenues of development paradigm, Focused on new and innovative ideas, Started innovative Children Education Support Program, Livelihoods improvement through Dairy Development and Renewable Energy (Mico Hydel Power), Climate Change and emergency responses to various disasters.


Canadian Association for Children Education in Pakistan (CACEP),

Govt. of KPK through Pakhtunkhwa Energy dev. Org (PEDO),

Haashar Association

Australian High Commission

German Rotary

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)·         

Major Achievements:

 Financial support for education of about 100 Orphans and their families

Demonstration of Replicable model of Dairy Farming

Completion of about 90 Micro Hydel Power Projects (15-500 KW)

Interventions on Climate Change Adaptation

Surveys and researches on livelihoods models