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Reconstruction of Design Based Earthquake Resistant Cattle Houses

[dropcap]Reconstruction of Design Based Earthquake Resistant Cattle Houses[/dropcap]
Project Title:    Furniture and equipment for shelters for people of Bandhodar in upper Siran Valley in KPK
As part of emergency support to the earthquake affected population of District Mansehra, Haashar, with the financial assistance of Misereor started providing basic relief items to the people of Bandhodar,the worst affected village of Siran valley.Misereor granted a project No. 320-004-31 titled “Furniture and equipment for shelters for the people of Bandhoder in upper Siran valley in N.W.F.P”. The project period was two months. Haashar utilized 46% of the funds for relief operations (rest of the amount became part of Cattle houses program of project.)
The main activity of this project was to construct 900 stables (Cattle houses) in the project implementation area comprising part of U/C Jabbori of upper Siran valley in District Mansehra.
Project Implementation
A brief ground work was carried out which focused on developing strategy for implementation of the project. In-depth surveys, discussions/consultations with communities, identification of vendor for purchase of material and most importantly identification and finalization of a model earthquake resistant and culturally acceptable cattle house that should also be acceptable to ERRA (Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Authority) and other development agencies were the main tasks that were undertaken before implementation of this project. The project committee constituted for finalizing design of such a cattle house comprised of Engineer, Livestock production Officer and Male /Female Social Organizers. After hectic and lengthy consultation with ERRA, GTZ, Community, Other NGOs, Livestock department and FAO, an earthquake resistant model of cattle house was finalized. This model is based on the following principles;
  • Cost effective
  • Utilizing the available resource
  • Earth quake resistance
  • Matching the basic husbandry requirements of animals
After finalization of model of cattle house, three demonstrations were conducted with three local widows identified by the Women Organizations of the villages. The implementation of demonstrational cattle house program provided an opportunity for the local communities to propose further suggestion about the design of cattle house. The local communities proposed to enlarge the size of the cattle house from 12’x12′ to 15’x15′ (feet). Thus the whole program of Cattle houses was implemented under the following mechanism;
  • General survey to ascertain the total number of cattle houses to be constructed.
  • Another detailed survey of livestock and loss of cattle house in three JFMCs was performed after the acceptance of proposal.
  • Results of the detailed survey were shared with local committees.
  • A committee was constituted to finalize design of earthquake resistant cattle house. The committee consulted with ERRA, GTZ, Community, other NGOs, Livestock department and FAO about finalization of the design
  • Three design based model cattle houses were constructed one in each villagesof Bandhodar, Nikki Mohri (Hafizabad) and Methal for demonstration purpose and the local communities were asked to give their feed back
  • Lists of beneficiaries finalized by the communities were presented before the JFMCs for approval
  • Terms of Partnership (TOPs) with beneficiaries /JFMCs/WOs were prepared, shared and signed in the above-mentioned two villages
A total of 594 design based earthquake cattle houses were reconstructed under Misereor funding while another 134 cattle houses were reconstructed out of ADA funding. Although a total of 900 cattle houses were planned to construct under co-funding of ADA-Misereor but actually 728 cattle houses were constructed.