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Educate a Child

December 18, 2023

Project Name: “Educate a Child”

Duration of Project: Long term

Funded by: CACEP (Canadian Association for Children Education in Pakistan)

Implemented by: Haashar Association, Pakistan

Haashar Association in collaboration with CACEP (Canadian Association for Children Education in Pakistan) started an Education support program (Educate a child) with an aim to provide education opportunities to children from fragile, conflict-affected areas of Pakistan. Most children are either orphans or bright children from ZAKAT (charity) eligible families with desperate financial needs. Education is the only solution to humanity’s prosperity. Educational opportunities were provided for more than 100 children. Children from poor and orphan backgrounds in Peshawar, Mardan, and Swat, who are at more risk of dropping out and need mentoring to stay enrolled in school. The program provides financial support to needy school children who are also finding hard to continue further education due to lack of financial resources. CACEP supporters and volunteers are doing a remarkable job by bringing everlasting change in the lives of most deserving segment of Pakistani society. Every year, we welcome new children by breaking the financial hurdles faced during their education journey. The program runs through the financial support of individuals’ selfless efforts.  Additionally, Families of the program’s children are also getting special support on the eves of Ramadan and ‘Eid through getting Ramadan ration packs and Eidi for all siblings.

Main goal of this initiative is to engage whole community in education and development of their children.