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Distribution of Food Package among Ultra-Poor Families of District Manshera and Abbottabad

Funded By: Lahaute foundation, Inc

Project Duration: 3 Months


Poor economic growth, high inflation rate and a series of disasters have resulted in increased vulnerabilities to the already poor families.  Absence of male many of whom have either died or busy in earning livelihoods for their families in nearby towns (female headed household) results in an increased sense of insecurity for female head, which in turn adds to the vulnerability of those families.

A male child in our traditional society is considered to be an earning hand for the family, on the other hand, girls are considered a liability who cannot earn and have to be married off with dowry. Thus the families with more girl-children are considered to be over-burdened and more vulnerable to economic and social shocks. Many of these women-headed families relocate from villages to nearby towns where the women work as domestic-hands and earn meager amounts to support their families. There is a need to provide immediate assistance to these families and plan long-term strategies to provide such livelihood opportunities which could help them to earn income on sustainable basis.

HAASHAR staff and volunteers, being local to the area are in contact with such families. It has a history of working with ultra poor and vulnerable segment of society in the wake of post earthquake and flood disaster is Northern Pakistan. The activity under review was aimed at providing food packages to 100 families during the holy month of Ramadan and will also support them in the festivities of Eid- ul- Fittar. The food packages were distributed in Mansehra and Abbottabad districts. This was a collective effort of Lahaute Foundation, Synergiens, HAASHAR Association and the volunteers affiliated with HAASHAR Association. Out of these 100 food packages, 90 were distributed in Abbottabad and 10 were distributed in Mansehra. The main reason behind distribution at two points was to facilitate the ultra poor beneficiaries and minimize their carriage expenses.


Project Goal

To contribute to the support ultra poor and most vulnerable families in improving their living conditions in KPK Pakistan

Project Outcome

  1. Provision of Food Packages to Extremely Poor and Vulnerable Families
  1. Data compilation and preparation of case studies for any future support of such ultra poor families.

Project Outputs

Output 1:” Immediate humanitarian assistance extended to ease survival of the Ultra Poor Families to put them on a route of hope and efforts for future”.

Output 2: “Collect information for data base of Ultra Poor families aimed at revival of their livelihoods in future”.

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