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Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework
  • HAASHAR will actively promote participatory, open and self managed structures and behaviors.
  • Throughout the organization there will be flat organization structures that minimize reporting layers and encourage direct communication from staff.
  • HAASHAR will continue to promote working practices described as decentralized practices by releasing power to the relevant people for     faster, better and informed decision making.
  • Each member / employee of HAASHAR Association is accountable to actively share his / her learnings and lessons from achievements and     failures to support a shared learning culture across the board to foster     synergies and reduce duplication.
  • HAASHAR Association is committed to create a diverse workforce that positively acknowledges the differences existing between people- such as     sex, gender, race, age, ethnic origin, caste, class, color, belief, nationality, HIV status, sexual orientation, disability, education, social background     etc. These differences may lead to differences in attitudes, experiences, and ways of thinking, behaving, communicating and working. HAASHAR     Association reserves the right to add other categories to this list and will apply this principle in all aspects of organizational practices. HAASHAR     Association recognizes that a diverse workforce leads to better organizational performance and improved productivity.
  • HAASHAR Association makes every effort to provide a working environment free of harassment and intimidation and fully supports the     rights and opportunities of women and men to seek, obtain and hold employment without any form of harassment and discrimination.